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Meeting Planner Testimonial Program


Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those impacted by the recent storm.

As we work to return to business as usual, the GMCVB has made it a priority to minimize the post-storm effects to the businesses here in our community. Based on recent hotel partner discussions, we recognize that our group and incentive business may be negatively influenced due to hesitation to bring groups to Miami while parts of Florida & the Caribbean are still in recovery mode. Attendees may be worried about the optics of enjoying their visit and the potential of being perceived as insensitive to the difficulty of others nearby.

However, the reality is that if meetings cancel it will not only prolong the recovery process by having an adverse economic impact on the hotels and business that support these meetings, it will also impact the many employees whose hours may have to be adjusted if the group does not attend. Now more than ever, we need current meetings to honor their commitment to our community and encourage others – including local companies – to think of Greater Miami and the Beaches first when considering their next meeting.

To that end, we are asking you to please approach clients that are meeting in your hotel in the coming weeks and ask if they would be willing to pose for a photo or record a brief video with some of your staff as a show of solidarity and support. We will use these assets in our MIAMI NOW campaign that will target other meeting planners.

There is no cost to participate but we do need the following from you as quickly as possible:

  • Name of Meeting / Client
  • Dates of Meeting
  • Photos – 2 to 3 horizontal or vertical shots on any smartphone; A group photo is fine but some candid/natural photos are even more effective and/or…
  • Video – If possible, a video clip in addition to the photos; shot horizontally (sideways) and no more than 30 seconds
  • Why Miami Quote – This would be attributed to the planner. It could be a written statement to be used with photos or verbally spoken within a video clip.
  • Name and Titles – to identify all folks in the photos and/or video.
  • Permission - From those pictured to be used in this campaign
  • In addition to the outbound campaign, these assets will be incorporated into our website where we are directing Meeting Planners for ongoing updates on the state of our business as well as the Miami Beach Convention Center as information becomes available. There will also be a listing available of Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities that they may want to consider to give back to our community.

    Please send all digital materials to . Follow-up questions can be directed to Maika Moulite at or 786.539.4168.

    Thank you again for all your support and commitment to our industry. It is truly appreciated.

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