Check the weather before you pack for your trip to Miami. Chances are, no matter what time of the year you’ll get some use out of your beach sandals – even mid winter. Expect light showers almost daily throughout the summer, but don’t worry, they’re known to only last about ten minutes. Pack your favorite outfits for the tropics according to the expected weather conditions.

Current Conditions

Here’s a look at today’s weather conditions and the five-day forecast in and around Greater Miami and the Beaches.

Average Weather

Take a look at the average weather for the each month including temperature highs and lows and average amount of rain.

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Month Temperatures Precipitation
Min/Max°F Min/Max°C Inches Cm
January 60/76°F 16/24°C 1.88 4.78
February 61/78°F 16/26°C 2.07 5.26
March 64/81°F 18/27°C 2.56 6.50
April 68/84°F 20/29°C 3.36 8.53
May 72/87°F 22/31°C 5.52 14.02
June 75/90°F 24/32°C 8.54 21.69
July 77/91°F 25/33°C 5.79 14.71
August 76/91°F 24/33°C 8.63 21.92
September 76/89°F 24/32°C 8.38 21.29
October 72/85°F 22/29°C 6.19 15.72
November 68/81°F 20/27°C 3.43 8.71
December 62/78°F 17/26°C 2.18 5.54